Team / Departments

Sales & Marketing Department

A team of highly professional and well trained sales engineers to market the business and help customers to find solution for any kind of MEPSales Dept.D requirements. Working as a link between the customer and the estimation team at pre-tender stage and between the customer and operations team during the project execution stage, they maintain a very dedicated customer commitment throughout and even further after the project completion for any further requirement or support.


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Estimation & Tendering Department

A qualified and active group of estimation engineers, who verify & review tender documents, carry out quantity takeoff, conduct Value engineering as and when needed, send inquiries & collect quotes from vendors, estimate, prepare offers and bill of Quantities and submit to clients / Main contractors directly or through sales Department.

In case of EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning) projects, the estimation team carries out detailed design in coordination with Technical Dept., submit the technical and commercial offer, and then transfer project data to other post contract departments upon award.

In short, TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L. has the capability of preparing techno-commercial bids for any type of MEPD projects irrespective of the size, nature and complexity.


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Design & Engineering Department

Through the last decade, TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L. had rightfully recruited highly competitive Designers, Engineers and Draftsmen. The team members’ wide knowledge in all relevant MEP national & international codes and standards in addition to their flexibility & professionalism in using the most sophisticated Computer Aided Design Programs have enabled them to produce competent designs, proposals, shop drawings and coordinated drawings that have always assisted the Operation teams to deliver a proper job on site and added value to the Company Technical Strength and its reputation in the market.

Through their hands-on experience, our Design Engineers were able to deliver successful output for the most complicated HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Electrical and ELV Designs.


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Material & Procurement Department

The department’s main scope is to extend services and support to the mechanical and electrical operation departments in submitting & procuring all the highly technical and engineering items, equipments & materials as well as other general purchase orders for other departments.    

The scope also includes preparation & monitoring of material submittals & logs and procurement registers, management and expedition of orders.

The department also facilitates and participates in the communication channels internally among TAKYEEF Electromechanical operation, Account & Logistics Departments and Main contractors, consultants, vendors and manufacturers.

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Operation Department

Being the front end of the company, our competent and proactive operation department, makes sure that all team members are dependable, reliable and efficient through implementation of proper project management processes and close communication with all relevant stakeholders including the in house departments.

With a consistent performance and implementation of the highest possible standards of safety, quality & code of conduct, the operation team strives to complete the project scope on time enabling the company to position itself as one of the most reliable, dependable and trusted Electromechanical Contractor in Qatar.


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Logistic Department

Logistics & Support Department is enstrusted with the responsibilities of ensuring that the entire process of logistics is maintained in line of the business at an economical cost, within the fastest time frame possible. The task of the department involves but not limited to identifying the specific requirement for money, manpower, transport, materials, facilities, storage, distribution, warehousing, movement of goods from one place to another and tracking the delivery goods. The department also control all the three vehicle fleets (Supervisor / Material / Labours).

Logistics Department being an important entity of the Company is committed to support the operation of the entire Company towards the realization of its vision and mission.

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Workshop Department

A fully equipped in-house galvanized iron Sheet / pre-insulated Duct Workshop is established since 10 years ago to Cater exclusively the projects of the Company.

The workshop is capable of fabricating all kinds of rectangular/circular duct works and accessories as per any recognized code and / or standards up to the  satisfaction of the client. and as per project particular specification or QCS standard. Pre – insulated duct site fabrication workshop can also be established in remote in remote or large scale projects sites.

HSE Department



Although being an MEPD subcontractor, to be inline with its ambitious business expansion plan and its vision, the Company has invested in establishing its own safety department that reports directly to management and is responsible to initiate, promote and periodically review, improve and update Safety Policy while making sure it is being implemented across all departments and project sites and communicated to all suppliers, subcontractors or persons affected by the company activities.


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