Core Business

Our Services

TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L.   is exceedingly capable of providing fully engineered electromechanical and building service solutions to projects of any size. Our specialty is to fully undertake projects ensuring our clients receive a solution that is tailor made and project specific to their requirements.

TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L.   has won its growing market share by consistently combining outstanding professional expertise strengthened by technology and innovation to give our clients better value. As an engineering company with  a proven track record our approach is both cooperative and flexible. Our Management team and project leaders consult closely with our clients, in order to understand client goals and objectives while managing the development of solutions thereby ensuring that that our work is efficient and on time.

TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L.  ensures the seamless integration of day-to-day operations of our clients’ assets, providing value-added services. Our teams capably deliver superior facilities maintenance services. We transfer all administration efforts from system suppliers to services providers through streamlined engagements for operations and maintenance all under one roof.
This approach results in cost-effective, efficient delivery of services.

TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L.   selection of services cover the following fields of expertise:

1.    Mechanical

2.    Electrical

3.    Plumbing

4.    Specialized facilities and systems maintenance

MEPD Disciplines & Systems

Our MEP solutions, cover system design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning either as a whole or as stand alone services all via one central point of contact. The range of our capabilities is a strength that our customers value, freeing them to concentrate on operating their businesses while we take care of all complexities. Listed below is our range of our core business systems and disciplines:


1. Mechanical:

•    Air Conditioning Systems (Unitary/DX, Chilled Water & VRV)

•    District Cooling

•    Ventilation

•    Smoke Management

•    Air Treatment

•    Heating

•    BMS Automation and Control

•    Refrigeration

2. Electrical:

•    Power Distribution Systems

•    High Voltage electrical works

•    Lighting & Power

•    Earthing & Lightning System

•    Street Lighting

•    Sports Facilities Lighting

•    External Landscape lighting

•    ELV/Low Current Systems

•    Fire Detection and Alarm

•    Telephone, Intercom & Data

•    Public Address systems

•    Access Control systems

•    CCTV systems


•    UPS systems

•    Call Systems

•    Audio-Video systems

3. Drainage, Plumbing & Fire Protection:

•    Water Supply

•    Drainage and Sewage

•    Plumbing and Sanitation

•    Storm Water

•    Fire Protection

•    Fire Suppression

•    Water Treatment

•    Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

•    Irrigation System

•    Generator Fuel Handling System

•    Compressed Air

•    Gas & Medical Piping

•    Process Piping

Expertise & Services

Takyeef Electromechanical W.L.L. approaches projects using a fine tuned, professional work process management system that begins with zeroing in on our client’s highly specific needs and ending with maintenance and management that leads to our client’s total peace of mind. Our skilled team of experts deal with each project, treating it as a unique engagement there by ensuring that customer concerns are addressed at every level from start to finish. TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L.   comprehensive range of Design, Engineering and project management services include:

•    Collecting Customer Requirements

•    Conceptual Design

•    Estimation & QS Services

•    Value Engineering

•    Detailed Design and Engineering

•    Planning and Monitoring

•    Execution of Record & As-Built Drawings

•    Coordination of various services and disciplines

•    Document Control/ERP Workflow System

•    Material Specifications Analysis

•    Procurement Planning & Ordering

•    Procurement Management and Expediting

•    Installation, Testing and Commissioning

•    Operation & Maintenance

Project Sectors

With Qatar growing in leaps and bounds it has been our pleasure and pride to leave our signature on many significant projects spread across the country. Adhering to the highest quality and engineering standards at TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L.  , we consistently use the latest techniques in the planning and execution of projects entrusted to us. Our proven expertise extends across the following business sectors:

• Energy Centers/District Cooling Plants

• Hotels

• Hospitals and Medical Centers

• Schools, Universities and Educational Institutions

• Sports Facilities

• High Rise Buildings

• Residential Compounds, Villas and Palaces

• Commercial, Residential and Industrial Buildings

• Banks

• Restaurants

• Mosques

• Showrooms

• Stores and Warehouses


We take pride in our completed projects and thrive on customer satisfaction. Feel free to glance through our completed projects in different sectors in their corresponding galleries, which stand as a testament to Takyeef’s capabilities:

·         Executed Projects Overview – Gallery

·         Hotels - Gallery

·         Hospitals and Medical Centers - Gallery

·         Schools, Universities and Educational Institutions - Gallery

·         Sports Facilities - Gallery

·         High Rise Buildings - Gallery

·         Residential Compounds, Villas and Palaces - Gallery

·         Commercial, Residential and Industrial Buildings - Gallery

·         Banks - Gallery

·         Restaurants - Gallery

·         Mosques - Gallery

·         Showrooms - Gallery

·         Stores and Warehouses - Gallery

·         Government Projects/Offices - Gallery

·         Special Events - Gallery

Facilities Maintenance

At TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L., we offer a tactical, flexible and superior approach to all your facilities maintenance requirements. Our talented staff delivers world-class facilities maintenance services to meet our clients’ expectations. Our view is that each property must be managed and maintained to uphold its purpose and prestige be it commercial, residential or industrial in nature. As committed facility management specialists TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L.  also brings in best of breed industrial standards to our work in all environments.

Focus on Excellence in Service and Customer Satisfaction

TAKYEEF Electromechanical W.L.L.  is driven by clients’ requirements and we place client needs above all else. To this end we ensure that our teams remain highly responsive to customer requirements managing evolving requests with cost-effectiveness, efficiency and speed, leading to the high degree of customer satisfaction we are renown for.  We hold ourselves to high standards by following through with stringent Key Performance Indicators of our own, developed on a platform that incorporates specific customer requests.


Continual Service Improvement

We are not a company who rest on our past record without intense focus on the present and an eye on the future. Hence, we continually work towards improving Facilities Maintenance operations as per our clients’ requirements. Our self-generated building services inspection and application of corrective maintenance practices based on a timely and best asset validation model allows our clients to concentrate on their core business at all times.


Partnership Approach

Takyeef recognizes its clients’ business objectives and the role of facilities maintenance management in delivering services through smart thinking and efficient provision of the agreed-upon services at all times. In all our services we take a hands-on partnership based approach where we regard our clients’ goals as our own. We make every effort to deliver the right solutions at the right time by re-aligning our services with our clients’ services objectives thereby delivering a synergy that benefits our clients directly.