Company Resources


In order to deliver superior quality services with maximum efficiency, Takyeef Electromechanical W.L.L. ensures that this service creation and provision happens in a safe and secure working environment for its employees using well designed premises at prime locations and employing the strength of the best technology, tools and equipment. Beginning from the working premises of the company upto the daily working conditions and the workflow of its staff, Takyeef has laid out policies, procedures and guidelines to help its personnel deliver their best efforts to produce the best results.


Head Office: Takyeef’s new head office is located on Mesaimeer Road and is diagonally opposite to Abu Hamour Petrol Station. Our Head Office operates from four dedicated villas in this location. The spaces we occupy cover a total area of around 1,800 sq.m. and these spaces have a seating capacity for more than 130 persons.

Main Store: Our main store spanning 1,500 sq.m. is located in the Industrial Area, is leased from Tadmur Logistics Company. At this store, we stock all the materials and items that we use on a regular basis from three to six months in order to minimize time on the purchase cycle, there by benefitting our customers.

Tadmur Logistics manages the store under the supervision of Takyeef. This includes streamlined storage, receipt, movement and tracking through a fully computerized ERP system inventory module.

Workshop: Our fully equipped 300 sq.m. duct workshop on street no. 10 at Industrial Area was established more than 10 years ago and has always catered exclusively to our own projects. The fabrication capability covers all kinds of rectangular/circular GI ductworks and is pre-insulated with all relevant accessories as per SMACNA or DW standards or QCS or as per the project’s specifications.

Housing for Blue Collar workers: Our respected blue collar workers are accommodated in two large premises in the Industrial Area, with all required amenities at their disposal.

Staff Villas: All junior and senior site staff members are accommodated in residential villas in various locations within the heart of Doha City to facilitate and optimize easy access to their respective office loactions.

Head Office Main Store Workshop Labor Camp Staff Villa

Vehicles & Fleet

The company vehicle fleet includes more than 40 vehicles including buses, trucks and pickup vans that are used to transport materials and workers, include foremen, supervisors and junior site staff. All other middle and senior staff personnel have their own vehicles.

                    Vehicle and Fleet

Tools & Equipments

To be efficiently productive and up-to-date, Takyeef Electromechanical W.L.L. invests heavily in technology tools and equipment used in fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning as well as service and repair. We keep ourselves abreast with industry developments and waste no time in acquiring cutting edge technology and equipment that enhances our service delivery.

                            Tools & Equipment

ERP Business Solutions

Takyeef has invested heavily in implementing Oracle E-Business suites ERP for its various modules such as Supply Chain Management, Project, Human Resources and Finance modules. This investment is in line with our company vision to become one of the leading MEP Contractors in Qatar and to lead in adapting Information Systems to conduct its business operations.


                                 ERP Business Solution

Policies & Procedures Manuals

In light of its continuous effort to be one of the most elite, competent & efficient MEP Contracting companies in Qatar, Takyeef Electromechanical W.L.L. has appointed the reputable international Consultant, KPMG for developing the “Policies & Procedures Manual” as part of an overall assignment for the entire Tadmur Holding Group.

As a complementary tool to the Takyeef Electromechanical W.L.L. Policies & Procedures Manual, a full set /booklet of “Process Maps” has been developed to schematically describe the workflow of every single process throughout the cycle of the overall business process of the company right from lead uploading until closing.